New Larger Fixture

We have recently announced a new, larger fixture, the MF700! Twice the width of the MF500, it accommodates boards up to 11 inches long.

Written by Matthew Kendall — March 14, 2019

Customer Fixture with Many Probes

We sometimes receive photos from customers showing the test fixtures they have put together using Merifix kits. Here are a few photos of a customer fixture that has a large number of test points.

Written by Matthew Kendall — April 05, 2016

New, larger locating probes

We have recently added a new type of locating probe that suits larger holes.

Written by Matthew Kendall — June 11, 2015

Improved Clip

We have recently improved the construction of the clip that holds our fixtures closed.

Written by Matthew Kendall — February 04, 2015

Customer showcase videos

We have recently produced a number of short videos showing how some of our customers are using Merifix fixtures. These videos are very short, around a minute each, and each gives an overview of a particular fixture, highlighting one or more interesting features...

Written by Matthew Kendall — December 18, 2013

Drilling Service

We are very pleased to now be able to offer a drilling service to users of Merifix fixtures. When you order your fixture you can now have us drill all the holes required for your test points, locating probes and hold down posts, in locations that you specify...

Written by Matthew Kendall — September 30, 2013

Base Plates

We have recently introduced a optional base plate add-on for both the MF300 and MF500 fixtures...

Written by Matthew Kendall — July 26, 2013


We sometimes get asked what drill machines we can recommend for drilling the probe plate ...


Written by Matthew Kendall — September 06, 2012

Thirty Two Different Clips

Here is an interesting picture from our early testing, showing a collection of different clips that were evaluated during design and development of the MF300 fixture kit...


Written by Matthew Kendall — September 05, 2012

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The Assembly Guide explains the system and includes detailed instructions for customising and assembling the fixtures complete with many photos and illustrations.

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PCB Design Guide

The PCB Design Guide contains tips for designing PCBs to maximise testability.

Brochures are one-page summaries of our fixtures.

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