We have recently announced a new, larger fixture, the MF700!

One of the most requested features from our customers has been the ability to test boards that are a bit too big to fit on the MF500. The new MF700 is the same depth as the MF500 but twice the width, accommodating boards up to 11 inches (280mm) long.

Two clips at the front ensure the fixture closes squarely and securely. Two inserts in the rear panel provide twice as much space for mounting connectors. In other respects the fixture is the same design as our proven MF500 product; it uses the same test probes and locating probes, provides the same above-board and below-board height, uses the same hold-down posts and accepts the same rear inserts.

Our drilling service has been upgraded to accommodate the new fixture and we have kept the price of custom drilling unchanged - you can have any of our fixtures drilled for the same low, fixed cost.

The MF700 is in stock now for same day shipping!

Written by Matthew Kendall — March 14, 2019

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