We are very pleased to now be able to offer a drilling service to users of Merifix fixtures. When you order your fixture you can now have us drill all the holes required for your test points, locating probes and hold down posts, in locations that you specify. This removes a significant hurdle for some users. It means that you can purchase a fully customised fixture that you can put together and use without needing access to a workshop, or any machine tools at all.

A great feature of the drilling service is the way it is completely automated. After uploading your requirements in a simple CSV file our Drillbot performs a large number of automated checks. They ensure that your fixture is manufacturable, and also help you avoid many common mistakes. The automated tools also directly generate programming files to control our CNC drill, so that your fixture can be manufactured with the minimum of manual intervention. This high level of automation has enabled us to keep the cost of the drilling service down to a truly astonishing level.

Please, take a look at our drilling page which explains how the process works, then try it out for yourself. You can use the Drillbot to refine your design as many times as you like with no obligation. Once you are happy it takes just a few clicks to place your order. We look forward to drilling fixtures for you!

Written by Matthew Kendall — September 30, 2013

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