Test Probes

Test probes and receptacles for use with all Merifix fixtures.

These are high quality probes with a "T" style tip that is equally good for probing on surface-mount or through-hole test points. The pointed tip makes good contact with surface-mount pads, while the three sharp edges of the triangular conical tip make good contact with the side walls of through-holes.

Probes are S-075 size and are suitable for probing test points on a minimum 0.075" (2mm) pitch.

Probes are supplied complete with matching receptacles. Choose solder or wirewrap style for the receptacles depending on your preferred method of connection. Wirewrap is often preferred by test professionals due to the ease of making connections in dense arrays of closely spaced pins, and for speed. Solder is suitable for general purpose use and is most convenient for casual users. Solder is our most popular style.

Consider the Probe Insertion Tool for easy insertion of the probe receptacles into the probe plate.

Fixture kits do not include probes. You will need one probe for each electrical test point that you wish to connect to.

Pack of 10 probes and 10 receptacles.

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