Locating Probes

Locating probes for use with all Merifix fixtures.

These are used for locating and supporting the board, and are intended to locate in the tooling or mounting holes of the board.

The S-3 and S-4 types are high quality probes with a smooth conical tip. The S-3 size is suitable for locating in holes up to 0.090" (2.3mm) diameter. The S-4 size is suitable for locating in holes up to 0.145" (3.7mm) diameter. Probes are supplied complete with matching receptacles.

The GP-2 type is a larger probe suitable for locating in holes up to 0.195" (5.0mm). This type does not use a separate receptacle.

Choose the size that best fits your tooling holes, preferring the smaller sizes. This ensures the best accuracy.

Locating probes of all types have a collar fitted to stand the head up higher than test probes, so that the board sits on them and is then pressed down onto the test probes as the fixture is closed.

Fixture kits do not include locating probes. You will typically need one pack.

Pack of 4 probes (and receptacles where needed) complete with collars.

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