Mounting bracket to allow Tag-Connect™ Plug-of-Nails™ probes to be mounted on a Merifix fixture.

If your board includes a Tag-Connect compatible footprint on the bottom side, and you wish to connect to it, use this part to mount a Tag-Connect cable through the probe plate.

Available in three sizes to suit TC2030 (6-pin), TC2050 (10-pin) and TC2070 (14-pin) Tag-Connect probes. Please select the correct size above.

We strongly recommend the use of our drilling service to make the required cutouts in the probe plate. Simply specify the location and orientation and the correct slot and holes will be machined for you.

Includes a 3D printed plastic bracket with brass threaded inserts, two M2.5 16mm DIN912 machine screws and a 2mm Allen wrench.

Tag-Connect cable not included. Please purchase separately. Available from Tag-Connect directly or through distributors.

See our Application Note for Tag-Connect Probes for more details.

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