Merifix supplies simple, high quality electronic test fixture kits, also known as test jigs. Very low cost allows their use where fixtures are traditionally too expensive such as Research and Development, Engineering and Low-volume Production. Uses include debugging, programming, verification and test of printed circuit board assemblies. Supplied "flat-packed" for end-user assembly; no special tools or experience required.

We are still open during COVID-19. We are accepting orders and processing them as usual, typically within one business day, including custom drilling. However, please note that shipping times can be longer than normal. Packages to Canada and US are typically taking a few days longer than usual, but some have been delayed as much as a few weeks. Shipping times to Europe and Oceania are very variable and packages can be delayed several weeks.

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The Assembly Guide explains the system and includes detailed instructions for customising and assembling the fixtures complete with many photos and illustrations.

Assembly Guide
PCB Design Guide

The PCB Design Guide contains tips for designing PCBs to maximise testability.

Brochures are one-page summaries of our fixtures.

MF300 Brochure
MF500 Brochure
MF700 Brochure


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