Drills for drilling the probe plates and pressure plates of all Merifix fixtures.

These are brand new, high quality carbide drills with 1/8" shanks for easy and secure mounting in chucks or collets. The large shank, short overall length and hard carbide material ensures that these drills run very true and will produce good, straight, accurate holes. They are significantly better than normal HSS twist drills which can tend to wobble and drill off-centre or oversize.

Supplied in sizes to suit probe receptacles and hold-down posts recommended for use with all fixtures.

Drill Size Usage
#55 0.052" R-075 Test Probe Receptacles
#42 0.093" R-3 Locating Probe Receptacles
#36 0.106" R-4 Locating Probe Receptacles
1/8 0.125" Hold-down Posts
5.0mm 0.197" GP-2 Locating Probe

Fixture kits do not include drills. You will need drills for test probe receptacles, locating probe receptacles (choose the appropriate size) and hold-down posts. First-time users may prefer to purchase the drill kit, which includes several pieces of each size.

  Carbide drills are brittle and will break if mishandled. Always wear safety glasses when using machine tools.

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