MF700 Fixture Kit, 12x9

MF700 fixture kit, for probing large boards. This double-width fixture features a 12" x 9" probe plate with a maximum probing area of 11" x 5.5".

The kit includes all the components of the fixture itself, mounting hardware, a set of hold-down posts and a printed Quick Start Guide.

Designed for easy assembly. Engraved grids and alignment features on the pressure plate, probe plate and rear panels aid customisation.

Suitable for probing boards 1/32" (0.8mm) to 1/16" (1.6mm) thick using the specified probes and supplied hold-down posts without adjustment. Maximum height of components on the top side of the board under test is 1.150" (29.2mm). Maximum height of components on the bottom is 0.500in (12.7mm) for a 1/32" (0.8mm) board or 0.470in (11.9mm) for a 1/16" (1.6mm) board.

The probe plate is 0.250" (6.3mm) MDF. The pressure plate is 0.220" (5.6mm) acrylic, as are the front and rear panels. The hinge is brass and the hardware is generally stainless steel. Hold-down posts are Nylon.

The kit does not include test probes or locating probes since the type and quantity required will vary by application. Please see accessories for suitable probes.

For greater protection and rigidity, consider adding a base plate.

For full specifications download the MF700 brochure.

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The Assembly Guide explains the system and includes detailed instructions for customising and assembling the fixtures complete with many photos and illustrations.

Assembly Guide
PCB Design Guide

The PCB Design Guide contains tips for designing PCBs to maximise testability.

Brochures are one-page summaries of our fixtures.

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MF700 Brochure


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